WPC: Inspiration

Queen of the water lilies – 10 inch fragrant blooms, arising at night from underwater buds, as a white flower that turns deep pink

With one hot and humid intake of breath, the waterlily house at Kew transports the visitor to the tropics and the wonderland of alien Nymphaea.

First impressions are that the lily pond is filled to the brim with giant, thorned pads of Victoria amazonica and V. cruziana. But growing in amongst them are the mystical water lotus as well as a prismatic parade of aquatic lilies:

“Foxfire’ has purple outer petals and pink inner petals, and the pads are streaked and mottled with red; the bright blue N. ‘Kew’s Stowaway Blues’ is a Kew hybrid; N. ‘St Louis Gold’ has deep yellow star-like flowers with olive green pads…” Tropical Nursery, Kew
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