Friday Flora 16.6.17

June is the month of roses though with a mild winter and a dry, windy Spring the hybrid tea blooms in Regent’s park rose garden are less than spectacular so far, with a few exceptions. In contrast the ramblers and climbers were remarkable.

But Friday Flora posts are not just for flowers and since trees are reaching their summery summits,  I’m displaying some petal and leaf combinations – click for a better view!

Lime tree flowers make a delicate tea and complement the small but fancy French rose whose name escapes me since I deleted the image label from my camera

I loved the foliage of this nameless tree and here it is alongside what I’m guessing is the Rambling Rector rose though would not swear to it!

Surely this is Alder displaying unripe fruits against a blue sky  and alongside it the one rose that stood out from the crowds  – David’s Austen’s award winning ‘Kew Gardens’

This fabulous white shrub rose is bloom laden and thornless and one for the wishlist garden since I clapped eyes on it for the first time this week. Hence I’ve placed it alongside my favourite tree – not the most spectacular now but come the Spring, the Western Balsam poplar exudes a most divine scent.

“The sun rose and set in a land of dreams whether the clocks where right or wrong” Patrick Kavanagh

Friday Flora – Trees, Shrubs and Flowers in and around London streets, parks and gardens, including my windowsill