Like spam?

Of course not. None of us like spam but I’ve experienced a problem with spammers liking my likes or comments – these are seemingly from Russia with the kind of love that poisons the blogosphere. WordPress are offering no solution but suggestions are

  1. switch off comment likes: admin/sharing – go to bottom and untick ‘commment likes’ are on for all comment
  2. switch off likes: – for many of us this is not an ideal option as it gives us feedback on our posts when viewers do not comment

The latest WordPress forum post regarding spam likers is here

I’m rather sick of all this leading us up the garden path with false followers and likes etc but spam goes with the blog territory. Meanwhile here is a winding path I would like to be taken up again – one from last March in the New Forest which missed the post.

“The path, winding like silver, trickles on,
Bordered and even invaded by thinnest moss
That tries to cover roots and crumbling chalk”
Edward Thomas